Our Approach

The Gadsden Cancer Clinic Approach

At Gadsden Cancer Clinic, we believe in a comprehensive cancer treatment approach based on the latest medical scientific advancements. In addition, we believe that treatment is at its most powerful when it is delivered by a team of medical professionals who care deeply about their patients.
As intimidating as a cancer diagnosis can be, our patients can take heart in knowing that cancer research is continuously advancing.

Dr. Castillo and his team continually analyze emerging clinical data in order to offer our patients the most progressive therapies in the country. Dr. Castillo’s extensive experience and prestigious network with other top oncologists and hematologists translate into exceptional care for our patients right here at home.

At Gadsden Cancer Clinic, our colleagues are more than co-workers, and our patients become family.

We are a team.

A team that works together to make treatments as comfortable as possible.

A team that brainstorms together for solutions in complicated situations.

We celebrate our patients’ wins, support their families, and develop lifelong friendships.

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